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Depending on your x-ray and physical exam results, an appropriate spinal manipulation technique will be determined. Our chiropractic physicians are well versed in several techniques including manual adjustments and low force techniques such as the use of the activator instrument. The low amplitude instrument adjustment restores joint motion without the audible "click" associated with manual spinal manipulation.


Are you experiencing pain from an auto accident? You don’t have to suffer any longer. Our chiropractic techniques can get you back to feeling like yourself quickly, with relief from pain and pressure. We work with all insurance providers and can ensure you get the best treatment available.



During pregnancy, the shifting of weight bearing structures accompanied by connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, becoming loose can lead to lower back pain. This pain can be treated safely through chiropractic adjustments. During the course of your pregnancy, our doctors will modify the adjusting techniques, and our adjustment tables can be modified as necessary to accommodate the changes in your body. Chiropractic care can help provide freedom from nerve irritation, which could be vitally important in ensuring your child's healthy, normal development. Adjustments also help to ensure your pelvic bones have the proper joint motion and are in proper alignment, which may result in an easier delivery with less chance of injury to you or your child.

Post Partum Chiropractic care can aid in relieving the low back, hip and leg problems that may occur following the mechanical stress and trauma of pregnancy and delivery.


Dr. McGrath modifies chiropractic treatment techniques to be appropriate for your child's size and needs. Gentle pressure is used to correct spinal position and help ensure proper spinal development. At birth, an infant's spine is a single, C-shaped curve and neck. From three to four months of age, a curve develops as they learn to hold their head up. This curve will support the weight and proper posture of the head throughout the child's life. At approximately six months, the child then learns to crawl and then begins to stand. A curve forms in the low back and the muscles of the lumbar area develop the strength and balance to walk and run. At this stage the child has developed the three natural curves found in the adult spine. Maintaining these curves throughout a lifetime is the primary focus of chiropractic care.

As children begin to walk they may fall and suffer strains as a result. Periodic checkups can help to identify and treat these problems. Detecting developing weaknesses in a child's spine is key to maintaining good health and preventing Scoliosis.

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